A Vietnam resort has launched a Transparent tourist submarine

A Vietnam resort has launched a Transparent tourist submarine

In a remarkable step forward for undersea tourism, a pioneering submersible has welcomed passengers on its first ever public dives.

Last month, the Triton DeepView 24, a luxury submersible built by Triton Submarines in Florida, was eventually launched at the Vinpearl complex in Hon Tre Island, Vietnam, two years after it was delivered.

The 24-seat vessel, which can reach depths of up to 100 meters (328 feet), features a transparent acrylic hull, providing an incomparable underwater experience for those on board.

Passengers will be able to view shipwrecks, reef and marine life, as well as a diver show devised to raise awareness around environmental issues, during the 30-minute dives.

The Triton DeepView 24 is 15.4 meters (50.5 feet) long and is characterized as virtually silent, non-polluting, and emitting no carbon or wastewater emissions.

They are confident that the Triton DeepView 24 will serve as a positive business platform for them for future years to come.

To provide the clearest views, Triton submarines are hand built from premium-grade “optically perfect” acrylic.

Triton has a demonstrated reputation for building submarines that can repeatedly and safely visit even the deepest points in our oceans, and they knew their significant experience would ensure the safety of the sub, and in turn, our guests, adds Ngo Huong, a representative for Vinpearl.

Triton DeepView 24 is the company’s first delivery from their DeepView line of submarines, which can be customized to carry anywhere from 12 to 66 passengers.

Tickets for the Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang can be purchased online, at the Vinpearl ticketing office, or through a travel agent for $60 for adults and $40 for children.

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Photo Source: CNN 

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